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April Speaker - Stephen Hammond

“To help your crews avoid human rights & diversity complaints and law suits, get back to the basics”

In the public, private and non-profit sectors, including para-military workplaces, there are growing demands to embrace “human rights, diversity, equity and inclusion.” Some of these decisions will be outside the scope of what a training officer can do, but surprisingly, there’s a great deal of information you can pass on. Lawyer turned workplace expert, Stephen Hammond, has found that when workplaces cover the basics, 90% of your problems will go away. If you eliminate harassment, discrimination and bullying, an equitable, diverse and inclusive workplace will follow. During this presentation, Stephen will help you keep up with the times, reduce your legal liabilities, and help you identify the single biggest barrier facing every Canadian workplace.

During this session, you’ll discover:

• How no one is immune from inappropriate workplace behaviour (everyone is watching)

• How to learn from the mistakes of others

• Becoming truly inclusive instead of ticking off the boxes

• The need to address the single biggest barrier to creating a respectful workplace

Stephen Hammond

At a relatively young age, Stephen Hammond’s life experiences shaped his views. Between obtaining a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Manitoba and a Bachelor of Laws degree from Osgoode Hall Law School in Toronto, Stephen was the executive director of one of Manitoba's political parties and was thrown into jail in communist Poland, accused of being a spy for the West. Stephen was called to the Bar in British Columbia in 1988 and proceeded to work in the field of labour and employee relations both in the private and public sectors. For the last 30 years Stephen has educated workplaces regarding issues of harassment, bullying & discrimination. In particular, Stephen has worked with many male-dominated workplaces, including fire and rescue services. He’s the author of three books, the most recent one, “The New Norm: A manager’s guide to improving workplace behaviour…and keeping out of legal hot water”. And in response to changes due to COVID, Stephen has created an online course, The Respectful Workplace in Canada. Stephen's goal is to support welcoming workplaces.

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