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Department and Subject Matter Contact Information

Fire Departments across the province are working hard on staying current with training programs, skills training, and online education with all their staff.

Subjects & skills can have a broad variety: from suppression, to health and safety, specialty rescues, and fire safety education. We have an exciting project that we want to share with you that we hope will help all of us.

The idea is to create a master list of OAFTO member fire departments and what training materials they have that they would be willing to share with others. The contact between the departments would be managed through the OAFTO area contact to ensure confidentiality, Freedom of Information Act requirements, and ensure the materials are shared appropriately.

Please take a moment to complete the survey below to help us determine the best next steps for moving forward with this concept. Please feel free to contact Jennifer Delaney, Jamie MacNeil, Dale Hutchinson, Don Sherren, or Chris Hirstwood if you have any questions about this project or survey.

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