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"High heat, low visibility, can’t find the fire"

A red flag that requires early identification + proper tactics High heat, low visibility, can’t find the fire - hearing this radio transmission should be a red flag for anyone on the fireground and is often a precursor to a bad situation if not recognized and acted upon. This is a common transmission heard at both basement fires and knee wall fires. All members must maintain situational awareness as they approach the building, noting features that may indicate the presence of either a knee wall or basement fire type. The video above talks about fires in knee walls, with specific tactical considerations including: · How to tell a fire is in the knee wall space - signs from the exterior · Important flow path considerations for avoiding a treacherous situation when opening up · Ventilation considerations - when and why to ventilate below the roofline · Preparing for limited egress Plus, classic problems and failures to avoid- as seen in a real scenario at the 12:30 mark in a house fire with low visibility and limited egress. The tactics in this video are just some of what we'll cover next Wednesday night in a live webinar dedicated to preparing for, identifying, and combating knee wall fires. We hope you can join us for a 1-Hour training course on one of the most dangerous and challenging fire types: WEDNESDAY, MARCH 23 at 1930 hrs EDT REGISTER NOW Don't miss the opportunity to take this class LIVE with an exclusive Q&A. You'll also get access to the recording included with your registration. SIGN ME UP SIGN ME UP INTERESTED IN REGISTERING A GROUP OR MULTIPLE MEMBERS OF YOUR DEPARTMENT? CONTACT US for bulk registration discounts TOPICS INCLUDE · Understanding what a knee wall space is and why it is challenging and dangerous. · Size-up factors that indicate a fire in the knee wall space. · Practical tactics and techniques for combating knee wall fires. · Live Q&AYOUR REG INCLUDES Registration is $19 and gives you access to the live training and Q&A, plus the recording which is delivered in a modular course format you can take all at once or in segments (On demand access is granted 1 week after the live course airs). You get exclusive access to this course from any device in 4K video quality and professional audio. You'll be issued a Certificate of Completion and have access to our online training community and exclusive live Q&A's. We deliver all of these concepts clearly and practically, with specific ideas and tactics that can be implemented immediately. If you're looking for some real training that helps you achieve a higher level of firefighting while igniting passion for the job - this is it. Learn more or sign up.SIGN ME UP SIGN ME UP Click here to unsubscribe Combat Ready Fire Training, LLC, PO Box 3243, Salisbury, NC 28145, United States

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